All-round supply

Plug & Perform

Our "Plug & Perform" approach aims to relieve the customer for a large part of the maintenance of the plants through an all-round service, so that he can concentrate on his actual business. The satisfaction of our customers starts with expert advice and planning, continues with remote control of the largely automatic systems and extends to professional maintenance and repair. We want to set high standards with this all-round support.

Consulting and Planning

We serve clients from various industries and in many regions of the world - from Germany to Great Britain and Japan. Although we can offer proven industry solutions, in the end the needs of the individual customer and the local conditions require a tailor-made project. Even our cutting-edge technology only makes sense if it pays off economically.

In a first consultation we will ask you about your objectives and the general conditions. An on-site visit helps us to get an authentic impression and to record further important parameters. We can then outline possible solutions and provide initial indications of investment requirements and earnings potential. The further detailing up to the concrete offer takes place in constant dialogue, so that we meet our target goal in the end.

We use sophisticated calculation tools to show the economic perspective of an investment and thus create a clear basis for decision-making.

Remote Monitoring

Once a system has been installed, we offer our customers not only an extensive guarantee promise but also reliable all-round service at attractive prices. This includes scheduled maintenance work and 24/7 monitoring and control of each individual system by our Service Center in Regensburg.With our market-leading technology, we are able to continuously monitor the automatically operating systems with regard to numerous technical parameters and take corrective action if necessary. This ensures high process efficiency and plant availability and minimizes on-site personnel requirements.


Since our systems are largely self-regulating and are monitored and controlled by the Service Center, the need for on-site assistance from our service technicians is limited. If they arrive for annual maintenance or in the event of a malfunction, they are well prepared on the basis of the extensive machine documentation and bring any spare parts they may need with them.  In the final discussion with the customer, the condition of the plant is then discussed and we give advice for an even higher performance, for example by improving the fuel quality.  

Other Solutions

With our E3, E4 and E5, wood pellets or wood chips can be processed.
About us
We develop solutions for sustainable energy supply from biomass.
About us
Our systems for the decentralized generation of electricity and heat from wood material are climate-neutral and very efficient.

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