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We intend to set standards

Our philosophy - We have the future in sight

We have proven that we can identify trends at an early stage, translate them into innovative energy concepts and tailor them to customer needs. Producing electricity, heating or cooling from wood as a renewable resource in a CO2-neutral way at the same time is a significant contribution to the energy transition. And having a reliable self-supply in all weathers, around the clock, as well as feeding electricity into the public grid at prices secured for the long term, brings ecology and economy together.

But the development continues. We want to make other biogenic materials, including waste, usable. And we are working on concepts for autonomous microgrids and sophisticated special concepts for various industries.

Our employees are working on these solutions at our sites in Regensburg, Eching/Munich, Sonnen and Tokyo.

Our mission
Making highly promising, innovative energy trends easy and efficient to use in practice.

Our promise
Sustainable energy supply – efficient, cost-effective, simple, environmentally friendly.

Our aspiration
Provide complete solutions tailored to requirements according to the “Plug & Perform” principle.




Years experience


CHP units in use


Hrs. runtimes achieved by our CHP units

ENTRENCO Group - A lot of experience in a new line-up

The ENTRENCO Group consists of ENTRENCO, ENTRENCO KK (Japan) and Bioenergie Wegscheid.
Bioenergie Wegschied - our strong partner in the higher power range

Bioenergie Wegscheid also relies on the proven principle of combined heat and power (CHP), where electricity and heat are generated simultaneously with high efficiency. Wegscheid’s patented system components are designed for stable operation and a long service life, and manufacturing in Germany ensures high quality. Thanks to sophisticated filter technology, CO2 emissions are virtually climate-neutral and our ash is non-toxic. The plants each generate 65 to 133 kWel. and 130 to 250 kWth. energy. Bioenergie Wegscheid offers turnkey plants including fuel preparation. By cascading single plants, plants up to 2 MWel. are created.

Our team

Strong customer focus, powerful, agile and flexible

Egbert Freiherr von Cramm –

ENTRENCO Managing Director Egbert Freiherr von Cramm has a lot of experience in moving companies forward. Here is an excerpt from his professional experience:

  • 3 years family business (agriculture and beverages)
  • 6 years international management consulting (A.T. Kearney, Roland Berger)
  • 15 years senior management: partner/MD venture capital, MD startup company (high-tech machinery), CEO IT company
  • Own company in Turkey: renewable energy projects, hydropower plant
  • Expertise in sales and financing, restarting companies in times of crisis, future technologies, all forms of renewable energies

Walter Schätzl –
Managing Director BioEnergie Wegscheid

  • Founder and idea generator in the development of Holzenergie Wegscheid
  • Holder of several patents
  • Extensive mechanical and electrotechnical understanding of wood gasification technology
  • Designer of innovative wood gasification plants
  • Excellent and long-term (17 years) knowledge of customers and their application processes
  • Many years of application experience through operation of own plant
  • Strong entrepreneurial leadership personality

Michaela Jakszentis –
Technical management / CTO

Over 20 years of professional experience in plant engineering:

  • Process engineering: refinery, petrochemical and oleochemical.
  • Plant design:
    • Layout planning
    • Piping design
    • Construction
    • Safety analysis
    • Project management (PMI)
  • General project management of complete and partial plants
  • Establishment of market in USA of oleochemicals

Active in biomass gasification field for 10 years:

  • Construction design:
    • Layout design 3D
    • Construction drawing of single part
    • Piping design
    • Pipe class design
    • Project execution
    • General structure of handling processes

Dirk Rosenstock –
Interim Project Manager Business Development & Sales

  • 2 years interim management in sales, business development & innovation: electromobility (Aral) and renewable energies with biomass
  • 20 years in the energy industry in Germany and abroad (EnBW, EDF, REstore, Centrica)
  • Key Account Management
  • National as well as international sales management
  • Business development management
    (Electromobility, Virtual Power Plant, Smart Home, Energy Efficiency)
  • Management (large-scale battery and CHP projects)
  • 13 years process control/automation of large plants (Siemens, ABB, Philips)
  • Sales and project engineer
  • Project manager
  • Sales manager
  • Expertise in business development, sales, key account management, innovation and product development, B2B, management.

Our employes

By concentrating on our core competencies, we can keep the team size manageable. Many of the employees have been with us for over 10 years, while younger colleagues bring in a breath of fresh air.

Job rotations ensure that no one loses sight of the main goal: to deliver a great product with stable technology to the customer as promised. Everyone should have experienced commissioning at the customer’s site and know how our remote monitoring works.

During commissioning, we involve the customer’s responsible employees and show them how the technology works and what needs to be taken into account with regard to fuel procurement and ash disposal. Thanks to our international presence, such as through our office in Japan, there are also few language problems.