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We want to set new standards

Our Philosophy - We keep an eye on the future

We have proven that we can identify trends at an early stage, translate them into innovative energy concepts and tailor them to customer needs. Producing electricity and heat simultaneously from wood as a renewable resource in a CO2-neutral way is a major contribution to the energy revolution. And to have a reliable supply of our own in all weathers, around the clock, and to feed electricity into the public grid at long-term, secure prices, brings ecology and economy together.

But development continues. We want to make other biogenic substances usable, even in the waste sector. And we are working on concepts for autonomous micro grids and sophisticated special concepts for various industries.

Our Company - Years of experience in new positioning

ENTRENCO has emerged from companies that are among the pioneers of wood gasification:

Thus, ENTRENCO is a new company with a lot of experience. We currently have three operating locations: Regensburg, Eching/Munich and Tokyo.

Our Team - Strong customer orientation, high performance, agile and flexible

By concentrating on core competencies, we can keep the team size manageable. Many of our employees have been with us for more than 10 years, younger colleagues bring in a breath of fresh air.

Through job rotation, we ensure that nobody loses sight of the main objective: to deliver a great product to the customer with stable technology as promised. Everyone should be involved in customer commissioning and know how our remote monitoring works.

During commissioning, we involve the responsible employees of the customer and show them how the technology works and what has to be taken into account when procuring fuel and disposing of ash. Thanks to our international presence, such as our office in Japan, there are no language barriers.

The ENTRENCO managing directors Egbert Freiherr von Cramm (sales, finances) and Dr. Burghard Knolle (technology) are a tried and tested team to drive companies forward. They have extensive experience, first in leading international consulting firms, then as founders and managers of medium-sized companies. Among them are high-tech mechanical engineering and all kinds of renewable energies, with topics such as development, financing, project management and service concepts.

Other Solutions

Our systems for decentralized generation of electricity and heat from wood material are climate neutral and very efficient.
With our E3, E4 and E5, wood pellets or wood chips can be processed.
With our "Plug & Perform" philosophy we want to provide our customers with an all-round service.

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